Who We Are

Gaiaca is California’s first properly licensed cannabis waste management company. We help manage all forms of cannabis byproduct created by cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, testing labs, and distributors. We handle all cannabis waste per State Regulations, ensuring that operators can focus on what they do best by allowing us to compliantly manage their cannabis waste.

A portmanteau of the word Gaia and California. Pronounced (GY-UH-KUH). Gaia in Greek Mythology, referring to the personification of earth, or Mother Earth. From the roots of our name, Gaiaca’s primary objective is to reduce carbon emissions by diverting cannabis waste from landfills and bringing it back to mother earth through revitalization.

Composting Statistics:

Every year, U.S. landfills and trash incinerators receive 167 MILLION TONS of garbage.

Landfills and incinerators are dangerous. Every bag thrown out contributes to:

  • Pollution of surrounding soil, air, and water
  • Climate Change
  • Health hazards to humans and animals

The following comes from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (, a national nonprofit organization working to strengthen local economies, and redirect waste into local recycling, composting, and reuse industries. It is reprinted here with permission. To view the full graphic please visit


Our​ ​Team​

Monterey Peninsula natives Jonathan Lee and Garrett Rodewald created Gaiaca in March of 2017 to address the issue of sustainably rendering cannabis by-product. Together, they bring their various backgrounds to create what is known as, Gaiaca—California’s first, licensed cannabis waste management provider.


Jonathan Lee

Jonathan is a Monterey local and has an extensive background in commercial real estate development. A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Jonathan spent the latter part of his formative years playing ice hockey for the academy and later professionally, prior to earning his B.A. in Architecture and Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Jonathan has spearheaded several entrepreneurial ventures in the tech and services space.

Garrett Rodewald

Garrett hails from Pacific Grove and has an extensive science background and over a decade of experience in environmental consulting specializing in industrial hygiene and EPA & OSHA compliance. He earned his B.S. from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Also, an avid surfer and outdoorsman, Garrett is equal parts scientist, waste management expert, and entrepreneur.

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